Digital Collage Papers

This is an ongoing project in my ventures into the intersection of 2D & 3D. As someone who started creating art with collage, I have always felt the most beautiful collages were set apart because of their gorgeous papers - this was an element of bookbinding I loved as well. I’m aiming to digitally recreate paper procedurally in 3D software - without losing the tactility of real paper. It is a really exciting prospect because collage paper can be very expensive and I’m interested to explore how digital papers could be more accessible to a wider range of people. 

Textile Art

In this project I used a range of techniques including; nuno felting, smocking, applique, dyeing and embroidery to create a cocoon inspired creation. 


I created this wall hanging using one repeated stitch radiating outwards. I’m interested in creating dynamic art that can be perceived differently  depending on how you choose to display it.