Show how you can explore the world with data. 

Google tasked us with inspiring creators to use Google Trends as a tool that gives them interesting insights and perspectives to see what’s happening in the world.

We realised social media algorithms are stifling creativity, as creatives passively consume content that doesn’t challenge them and actually keeps them locked in a creative bubble.

This insight informed our idea to target creators experiencing the problem of creative block.

Google’s Global Insight Exchange

So how does it work?

The GGIE exists as an integrated part of the Google Trends website. It’s an opportunity to be inspired to create something that you wouldn’t have considered before by exchanging a trend relevant to your perspective with one someone else has discovered.


How are we getting creatives eyes on our new Google Trends feature?

Our strategy: show don’t tell. We wanted to prove that google trends works as an antidote to creative block by creating art inspired by insights from google trends. This will encourage creators to get on board and do the same.

Lenticular Billboards

These lenticular printed adverts that simultaneously reveal the art and the google trends insight behind it.

Illutrations by Godfrey Pena

TikTok Campaign

We wanted to showcase how fun insights from google trends could be transformed into content. In this example we took the insight that there was a spike in searches for “Game of Thrones baby names” in 2019 and turned that into a skit where in 2034 the roll is being called featuring names like “Tyrion”. The trends is revealed at the end of the video.


“The Creative Block” Art Installation

The Creative Block is a tongue-in-cheek way of getting eyes on Google Trends and our message behind its uses. The block would be set up in busy city squares all over the world and connect directly to the data coming through our Global Insight Exchange. 

Tutorials would be provided on tablets surrounding the cube, giving people the ability to interact with the website and see their insights travel around the cube.

Our idea is to create mystery and intrigue - while showcasing how beatuiful sharing ideas and insights can be.